RT Bible is committed to providing the most reliable English text of the greatest of all English bibles: The Authorized Version of the Holy Bible [aka the King James Bible]. We call it the “RT Bible” as it represents the Received Text (Textus Receptus or TR) in the English Language. The underlying text of RT Bible conforms to the 1769 plates of the Authorized Version. The original 1611 plates differ from the 1769 plates only as the latter has standardized English spellings. While many bible-believers erroneously claim that they hold the AV 1611 bible, they most often have a bible that dates back to the 1769 plates. The 1611 plates utilized an antiquated font that is difficult to decipher by modern-day English speaking people. This is not to say the 1769 bible is different from the 1611 bible. In fact, the words are the same; only the spelling, fonts, and typos were changed in the later printings. So in every sense, it’s not incorrect to claim one holds to the 1611 King James Bible even though that bible conforms to the 1769 spellings.

RT Bible products are built on digital “plates”, publicly available at http://avtext.org. The AV Software Development Kit (SDK), publicly available at that site, is indeed the very words of The Authorized Version of 1611. However, to be clear, the AV SDK is a digital representation of the 1769 plates.

RT Bible has both PC and Mac products built upon the AV SDK:

For the PC, there is the RT Bible Plugin for Microsoft Word: This product is supported on machines running Microsoft Windows (to view the support Matrix for Windows, click here). For full functionality, Microsoft Word is also required. For most versions of Microsoft Office, the RT Bible Plugin adds functionality to the ribbon. Once installed, it becomes possible to print whole chapters and books directly from within Microsoft Word. Additionally, a user can search for keywords in the scripture and select from those matching verses and insert the results directly into any currently open document. RT Bible for the PC also provides a complementary standalone program that runs on the Windows desktop independently of Microsoft Word.

For the Mac, there is a standalone program for Mac OS X: This product installs on machines running OS X Lion or above. The product is a desktop program that searches the bible using simple or complex search criteria. The interface feels like many modern-day web-based search engines, but it is fully operational even without an Internet connection. Searches are fast. Verses can be easily copied & pasted into other programs or blogging tools using standard Mac key strokes.